Guess Who’s Back??


After a long hiatus that traversed our journey to the end of high school we have finally returned to give you guys what you wanted, a fully functional RestBand LLC. Since we’re all 18 now we can finally do things without the permission of a consenting adult!!!! This new era of Rest Band will bring about new changes that will rock the community, our first official objectives are as follows.

  • 1. Achieve Total Independence from WordPress
    • Although WordPress was what started it all, we need to start achieving independence from relying on other sources to help us with the company, so currently, we are in development of reworking the entire website from scratch on GitHub to make sure that it’s all coolio
  • 2. Register as an LLC
    • Oh Yes, we plan to go fully legal, and by that I mean we plan to try to register with the state of Texas as a limited liability corporation so we can qualify for those sweeeeet tax cuts (j.k. we’re too poor for that). But by registering we allow ourselves to gain some sort of legitimacy.
  • 3. Design Product (Again)
    • Here at RestBand we focus on providing the best method of rest for our clients, therefore we are designing a new RestBand that will be better than the original (However, we know it’s hard to top the OG)
  • 4. Expand Business Ventures
    • Let’s be honest here, we went from poor highschoolers to poorer college students, wrist pillows aren’t exactly a hot topic right now (thats why we’re innovating), but as a means to gain funds for the website, (ie. maintaining this website) we are gonna go into different business ventures to make sure we get those sweet sweet funds (aka. this entire section can best be described as the company having a side hustle to stay afloat.)
  • 0. Reorganizing the board
    • Let’s be honest here, we made these contracts before we were 18 so technically they weren’t legally binding, therefore we are gonna make some changes in the board to only include members who are actively trying to do the best for RestBand.


Meeting Time 5/15/2018







Today, the team discussed and reviewed some of our companies objectives.

Here are the company objectives:


  1. Finalize Product

    1. In order to start selling our product, we need to make sure we have enough products in our inventory to keep up with any potential demand. This will require a system in which we can mass produce the RestBand.
  2. Finish Kickstarter

    1. Our Kickstarter is almost up! We just need to add a few more details and then we can get started with funding for the RestBand. Funds are going directly towards production materials, such as fabric, filling, or machinery.
  3. Marketing

    1. Our marketing campaign will begin as soon as we have enough product to get started. We are hoping to update our progress using YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.
  4. Create Paypal

    1. Our paypal is created, but we still need to develop the payment process.
  5. Manage Finances

    1. We will figure out a way to manage our finances and manage our inventory.
  6. Contracts

    1. We are currently working on a contract for the RestBand Company.

RestBand Staff

Meeting Time! 5/4/2018

Today, the team discussed and reviewed some of our companies objectives.

Here are the company objectives:


    1. Conduct

      1. At the RestBand company, we wish our employees are on their best behavior at all times. We have recently had a problem with one of our employee’s, but we are trying to discuss the problem as quickly as possible.


    2. Discuss Strike System

      1. As part of our conduct, we will try to implement a strike system to hopefully address the conduct policy. If the conduct issues persist, we will address them quickly and apply this new strike system.


    3. PayPal

      1. We are trying to set a payment system. We will most likely use PayPal for purchases because we feel this is the most secure form of transaction for local payment.


    4. KickStarter

      1. Our KickStarter is created, but we still need to make a video for our product. Once the video is up, we will add a link to the kickstarter in the weekly meeting update and on the homepage.


    5. Staying Hippity Hop

      1. You always have to stay hippity hop.


    6. Make Instagram

      1. In the future, the RestBand will have an Instagram to post future project updates and other important updates for the RestBand.


    7. Contracts

      1. The RestBand company is still in development, so the team is trying to discuss some of the contracts of our employees and team.


    8. Hand Models

      1. We are still trying to discuss with some of our employees on who  will be the hand model for the RestBand. If you are interested and live in the DFW area, please use the contact page and please write “Hand Model Position” in the email body.


    9. Stay on Task

      1. Occasionally, we get a little bit distracted, but our strong work ethic will bring us back on task.


    10. Small Details

      1. Once everything is done with our objectives, we’ll try to focus on the small details, such as adding contact information on the website or changing some small aesthetic designs.


RestBand Staff

Meeting Time!

We had our first meeting today!

After our discussion, we at the RestBand Company have come up with a series of objectives to help our company grow. The objectives are as follows:

  1. Finish and refine our Product
  2. Publish our product to our website
  3. Set up shipping to customers in the United States

We hope to resolve these objectives as quickly as possible so you can begin to sleep with ease!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

Tony Robbins – Author and Philanthropist



Aaron Ly – Chief of Management