Meeting Time 5/15/2018







Today, the team discussed and reviewed some of our companies objectives.

Here are the company objectives:


  1. Finalize Product

    1. In order to start selling our product, we need to make sure we have enough products in our inventory to keep up with any potential demand. This will require a system in which we can mass produce the RestBand.
  2. Finish Kickstarter

    1. Our Kickstarter is almost up! We just need to add a few more details and then we can get started with funding for the RestBand. Funds are going directly towards production materials, such as fabric, filling, or machinery.
  3. Marketing

    1. Our marketing campaign will begin as soon as we have enough product to get started. We are hoping to update our progress using YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.
  4. Create Paypal

    1. Our paypal is created, but we still need to develop the payment process.
  5. Manage Finances

    1. We will figure out a way to manage our finances and manage our inventory.
  6. Contracts

    1. We are currently working on a contract for the RestBand Company.

RestBand Staff