About Us

The RestBand Company has been delivering consistent innovation since the founding of our company in April 2018. At RestBand Company, we strive to make a quality sleeping environment available anywhere and at anytime.

Our Story

The idea for the RestBand started with a student at our school laying her head across her arm and explained to us how uncomfortable she was sleeping. That’s when our innovative team decided to take charge and come up with an idea to ensure comfort when confronted with a situation such as this. That solution is the RestBand, the completely original idea that will revolutionize the way people nap and travel.

Meet the Team

The RestBand Team is a five-part collaborative effort that consistently is able to innovate and conquer any challenges.

Jay Acosta

Founder and CEO

Our ingenious founder and inventor of the RestBand, Jay, is the mastermind behind the company. He goes by another name, replacing Jay with a G.

Ramón Márquez

Vice President and COO

Ramón is the member of the board with the most job experience and gladly took the position of COO. With his years of experience working at his dad’s “auto repair shop”, his ability to lead is unmatched.

Janlloyd Carangan

CFO And Controller

Despite his misleading looks, Jan (as he likes to go by) is of Hispanic decent and has the perfect capabilities for handling the finances of this company.

David Fielder

Chief Engineering Officer and Head of Public Relations

David is a member, out of all of his achievements, Microsoft Certification being one of those, that still manages to spend his time outdoors.

Aaron Ly


As a Microsoft Certified Computer Technician, Aaron Ly lies responsible for the labor management and the production of the RestBand. With his intellect, he was able to surpass the competition at the UIL Region 1 Academic Tournament and proceed to the UIL State Academic Competition.

Joseph Little

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Joseph, being the oldest of the board members, took the biggest responsibility of the board.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.